GY6180 VL6180X Time of flight Distance sensor module


2.8V Regulator – Provides the required 2.8V for the sensor
I2C Level Shifter – Provides logic level conversion from 2.8V to VCC
3-in-1 Module
IR Emitter
Range Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor
Measures absolute range up to 10cm
Gesture Recognition
I2C Interface
Two Programmable GPIO
Pinout description:
VIN—This is the main 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply connection. The SCL and SDA level shifters pull the IIC lines high to this level.
GND—The ground (0 V) connection for your power supply. Your IIC control source must also share a common ground with this board.
SDA/SDI/SDO—Level-shifted IIC data line: HIGH is VIN, LOW is 0 V
SCL/SPC—Level-shifted IIC clock line: HIGH is VIN, LOW is 0 V
GPIO0/CE—This pin is configured as a chip enable input on power-up of the VL6180X, the board pulls it up to VDD to enable the sensor by default. Driving this pin low puts the sensor into hardware standby. After the VL6180X powers up, this pin can be reconfigured as a programmable interrupt output (VDD logic level). This input/output is not level-shifted.
GPIO1—Programmable interrupt output (VDD logic level). The VL6180X also drives this pin low when it is in hardware standby. This output is not level-shifted.
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