BK-AVR128 ATMEGA128 AVR development board


AVR development board  ATMEGA128 development board  learning board experiment board

assets On The Development Board:

1,  ATMEGA128A microcontroller.

2, 8-bit digital tube.

3,8pcs LED

4,  MAX23 chip

5,1 x 4 independent keyboard

6,4 x 4 matrix keyboard

7,  buzzer circuit

8,  internal AD converter experiment module

9,DS18B20 temperature sensor interface(DS18B20 not included)

10, DS1302 real time clock chip

11  AT24C02 external I2R EEPROM chips

12,1602 LCD character LCD interface(1602 LCD not included)

13 graphic  12864 LCD interface

14, infrared receiver module

15, PS2 keyboard interface

16, stepper motor driver

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